The Poss

By PossMan

Local Landmark

This is the Norbord factory near Inverness and not far from the airstrip at Dalcross. It makes forestry products and I think production is continuous and it receives a stream of large lorries carrying tree trunks. The Norbord website says this was the first in Europe to make OSB - orientated strand board though I'm still no wiser. I've got some shots which show the factory itself zoomed up but I chose this one because it shows the actual landmark which is the smoke. And also its rural location. Copious amounts of very dense smoke which can be seen from quite a distance away including the Black Isle, although the mill itself can't be made out. It never stops. In the right atmospheric conditions the smoke goes vertically up in a huge column as was the case when I went past yesterday. I wish I'd taken a shot then.

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