By suehutton

Perrott's Tower, Edgbaston

one does not simply
walk into Mordor hoping 
to emerge unscathed.

Another day in Birmingham, and quite a long time we were there too. I was intrigued by this tower the first time I saw it in 2018. Today, Len and I had the opportunity to walk to see it.

For anyone who is a Tolkien fan, the shape should be recognisable as one of the two towers in the book of the same name. But even Tolkien apparently, couldn't decide which it should be. It's certainly not as big as a city.

I always think of it as the tower at the entrance to Mordor where Frodo was trapped after his encounter with Shelob.

At least the walk got us out and moving. We walked on further to see the waterworks tower a few hundred yards along the road. Extra.

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