Lockdown Closure

Took car for a short spin. Stopped to post a letter in Westbourne and walked round the mostly closed shops.

Good to see a new coffee shop is to open shortly. Nice guy, we know him and his brother from another venue. Makes a good coffee. We are getting so spoilt for choice. (Except will be weeks or months before we will be going to any of them). Bournemouth, coffee capital of the world!?

Found several potential Mono Monday possibilities. In the end selected this view inside a closed business. not a landscape - but otherwise hopefully acceptable.

Drove back via the goats, Mr B had saved some banana skins. They were all waiting for him at the usual spot.

Feeling colder out. Can’t complain, we’ve had a good run.

Challenge: Shape & Form in the Landscape: Openings MM356
- eg gates, doors, burrows, stiles, tunnels
Host: Pinkhairedlady
Inspirational photographer: Nico Goodden,

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