My peonies seem to be staggered in their flowering, which is good.  This one whilst not "blousey" like many of my others, is one of my favourites.  A lovely deep red wine with yellow stamens, a more open variety.  
Blimey, its been so hot again today....27 deg, but with it came gale force nor-westers.  They drive me bonkers and dry everything out.  I've been outside tiding my daffodils....once they've finished flowering gradually the stems go soft and collapse which looks very untidy.  So, I cut off the bloom stem and the rest I tie in knots, very time consuming but worth it.  Work in progress.  Big garden. 

Sold one of my images today - a random sale, she saw one of my images on a wall at The Barn and wants a copy.  Yay ! 


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