Keith B

By keibr

Travelling Home

The main business of today, flying home from Kalmar, was achieved in a satisfyingly boring fashion. We ate a relaxed breakfast with Shelling, looked at a couple of techy questions, and then he drove us to the airport. Ours was the only plane taking off in the morning so things were quiet!
Coincidentally we met Linnéa, daughter of one of our oldest friends, at the airport. She was on her way back to her diplomatic posting in Poland. She was delivered by her mum and dad and her sister so it was good to see them again too.
The plane from Kalmar to Arlanda (Stockholm) was only about a third full. We had to wait over three hours at Arlanda but that was also rather empty and we managed to find a place to sit, looking out of a big window, (this blip), with the nearest person about 6 metres away.  There were even sockets and USB outlets for our devices.
The plane up to Sundsvall was even emptier than our previous ride. When we got out of the airport to pick up our car the weather was remarkably similar to Kalmar. It was raining, misty, and +7°C. No need to worry about ice on the roads!
It was delightful to be away, visiting Shelling and being shown "his" island, Öland, but it is also lovely to be home again. There really is something very intrinsically lovely about sleeping in your own bed / room / house.

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