The Hazyland Boys

By TheHazylandBoys

Puppy has a name...

I went to meet Xmas and his siblings for the first time today!

Xmas is the name of my new pup, who will join Gollum, Tango and I on 21st December. 

There are many reasons for the name Xmas:
1) My next puppy will be a Miniature American Shepherd - or a MAS as they are usually called.
2) The letter "x" is often used in algebra to mean a value that is not yet known and it is still not know, which MAS will be mine - so an X MAS.
3) He will move in at Christmas.

The pups were gorgeous. Absolutely wonderful. I have 3 favourites at the moment, but they are still just 3 weeks old and their personality will develop over the next 3 - 5 weeks. 

I have been in the training hall with the boys and we have been on a walk through the town center - just to make sure Tango is regularly exposed to town sounds, smells and lights. 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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