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Jerra, by arrangement, kidnapped me for a bit of a wander at Askham.
Once upon a time we were at a Grain Silo fire. Some up in it some, of course, down and outside.  A conversation was heard thus:-
"Does Bob want a hose-reel on it?"
"I don't know, I'll just go to ask him."
"What's he going to Askham for?" asked a recent non-local addition to the ranks.
With my usual consummate skill I managed to, not only forget both Cameras, but also got well along the track before I realised I'd now left the phone in the car.
There is, of course, the obligatory - HOWEVER - I noticed the Church had both the door you'd expect plus a narrow access door to the tower; so I shot it.  I remarked that I didn't remember seeing another.  Neither had he - BUT - I've just checked and ours, at home, (Aspatria) has one, but, on the west face of the tower, not on a side like this, (guessimetric North side).

I suspect, in retrospect they all have them but not on the North side so much as the West.

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