By GracieG

Not just any hand sanitiser...

...but scented hand sanitiser made by hand using natural botanicals on the North Norfolk Coast!  Only in Holt eh!

I went into Holt with B to take photos of the Christmas (sorry) lights that had been turned on.  I felt it was perhaps a little early to post a blip of seasonal lights, although I can see why the town display them so early in order to attract visitors , although they were (quite rightly) not around because of the lock-down.  This is a shop called Norfolk Naturals and they sell natural cleaning products, and sustainable cleaning implements such as wooden/natural bristle brushes etc.  I thought the way they had displayed this product gave it an added dimension of purity and wholesomeness.

The extra is a gallery at the bottom of the high street.  I thought the window display was most attractive and welcoming.

I hope all our local independent shops survive the current difficulties and thrive once the second national lockdown is lifted. I will do my best to support them.

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