Psalmist with a camera

By jellyfox

Art Attack!

Another day of supply....but this time to cover the absence of the art teacher!!!

A real fun day with preparations under way for the International everyone busy doing arty pictures of their country.

The 2nd Graders enjoyed doing their flags....not sure the Diplomatic fraternity would own many of the variations.

Egypt definitely had a change in theirs' with the golden eagle grossly off centre and looking more like a dying swan!

The crescent and star of Pakistan looking like a french pattiserie croissant....and turquoise rather than green!!!

Turkey? ......well let's not go there!

Topping it all.... I bet you never thought you could get all 50 stars, the size of 50p pieces on a sheet of A4 to come out looking like the star spangled banner!!!!

2nd Graders can!!!!!

1st Graders were more refined in depicting the 'things' that were special from their

Frances' favourite animals, "frogs, snails and horses!"
Indonesias' favourite flowers...the shy ones!
Emirates favourite buildings.... ski Dubai and Eiffel Tower (thats in global village)!
Malaysias' favourite food........gungy rice! (I think she was trying to say congee)

Thank goodness for 3rd Graders who redeemed the situation with some very sophisticated colour pencil drawings of the famous structures in their countries.

Chose to snap this one by a wee Emirati with real talent!!! (not to mention it also being one of my favourite features of the Emirates!) Think he really captured the structure of the wind towers and how bendy they are, love the shadows and the clear blue sky with the palm tree also putting in its appearance!

The afternoon went very was a hoot a minute by the close of lessons!!!

Am hoping to be able to join them on International Day which is next Thursday. Can't wait! My blip will definitely capture the essence of the day as I hunt out all, and more, of these cultural delights!!

Happy Blipping Everyone!

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