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Bruck, Blip and Bru.

What a beautiful day. Stopped of at this beach as it was too tempting to drive past. It is right next to the road on the small island of Glimps Holm between the 2nd and 3rd barriers.

Last weekend was 'Bag the Bruck'. An event held every year in Orkney to Spring clean the beaches. ("Bruck" is Orcadian, and Shetlandic I think, for rubbish). Loads of folk head to the beaches and pick up as much rubbish as possible. Steven and the boys did their bit this year along with a lot of others. I didn't make it and actually missed helping out. Who'd have thought picking up other folks rubbish could be fun? So I did a belated bruck bagging after I took my blip and removed this can from the beach.

Whenever people come to visit us they want to bring us red cross parcels full of the things that we can't get here. To be honest there actually isn't much not available. BUT, and listen carefully all you blippers who might find yourselves in this neck of the bog, we cannot get GLASS BOTTLES of IRN BRU! We can get cans and plastic bottles but the West Coast Central Belter in me just doesn't think it tastes the same. We very rarely drink it from plastic bottles and the diet version is just plain evil.

So all visitors and passers by are urged to bring GLASS bottles of our other national drink. Which we will savour like fine wine then give you the empties to get your deposit back on. Don't dare turn up without it!

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