organized chaos

By gypsysunrainbow

The Way We Get By

Breakfast for dinner in the Atherton Union cafeteria. Despite the grease, this was actually a good meal. Yummy ham and cheese omelette with hash brown, or, as the cafeteria calls them, "stars." But yes, this is where I eat day after day after day. Horribly greasy, deep-fried everything (deep fried, battered sweet corn "poppers"? Is that necessary?) Anyways, omelette day are my favorite! Cooked to order and delicious, although still a bit greasy. Oh well, I enjoyed it :O)

On a side note, the omelette made up for my crappy day. After I put the spare on the driver's side left tire earlier in the week, the front drivers side tire was flat this morning. Wonderful! It had to get towed and when the tire company called, they told me the rims were bent, probably from pot holes. Thank you, city of Indianapolis, for thinking that Butler's campus roads don't need repaved. So yes, that is just an update on the status of "El Barco."

Also, this song is by Spoon. Yesterday was a Goo Goo Dolls song.



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