Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Gnarled horse chestnut trunk
Haven for creeping insects
Buds waiting for spring

The sun was shining so I decided to go for a quick walk over to my field where I had seen a beautiful tree trunk yesterday and thought it might do for the Abstract Thursday challenge.  

I looked at the optional theme, which is “Mono” or as far as Ingeborg says, who is hosting the challenge, this could be black and white or black and one colour or white and one colour.  This tree doesn’t match that, but mono can also mean something in one colour or shades of one colour and with that in mind, I believe it does fit the bill because there are many shades of brown in this shot.  There were even some sticky buds and of course, they are shiny brown - just waiting for the winter to pass and the spring to come.

Even better though, is that there is some pareidolia - am I alone in thinking that there is what looks like an owl in this photograph?  I know one person who will see it - my Blip friend, LSquare, who, like me, has an eye for pareidolia.  I enjoyed wandering around in the field, hearing the crunch of the leaves and acorns as I walked - but soon got cold, so decided that my warm home might be better.

The things that brought me joy today:

The pleasant sunshine - albeit with a slight breeze
Colours of autumn - looking even better in the sun
Although my hand is still painful, being able to bend my fingers more

“Autumn is the time 
     of picturesque tranquility.” 
Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

P.S.  Thank you for your kind comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s Blip, which are all very much appreciated.  I’m still not commenting, but have sprinkled stars and hearts myself.

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