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By HarlingDarling

Political planning + carelessness

From about 9 this morning till half past 11 I spent my time preparing for an advent calendar that will be published on Facebook and Instagram, one a day from the first Sunday in Advent, till Christmas day. The Swedish festival is the eve of course, but there will be an extra for Christmas day since I'm doing it all and I have a different tradition. This year that's something many of us will be developing I guess.

I have everything digitally organised in the computer, in files and folders - but when it comes to the creative flow of pictures, and settling the whole of a thing, it has to be scissors, paper and sellotape. The blip shows the result so far - well, in fact I have added the crucial days, all the Sundays, Lucia (13th Dec) so I remember to make an extra effort. There is a tradition here of writing little rhymes on Christmas presents, usually they give a clue to the gift inside the package, often they are a bit rubbish if you ask me  and since I have no experience of writing them I jibbed at writing some for this calendar. My comrades in the social media group wrote a bunch last year and we will be recycling those! We have limited time and energy as a group, (one of us is coordinating the covid response in our county and is understandably a little distracted by that!)  and since I'm now doing it mostly on my own I have to play to my strengths. Photos and pictures, the visuals with a few words added some spice. My pal will be lining everything up and it will post itself to Facebook without further interference from any of us. We need to concentrate on stirring the glögg, baking things, and on the eating of saffron buns!

I planned to work with this all day tomorrow and break the back of the business, but I have now made another job for myself. We went out for a lovely walk in the sunshine with Rose and Ruth, through the forest, wandering about in a fairly unfocused way. Somewhere along the route I took off my woolly hat, as it was warm work climbing hills. And wherever that was, I also without noticing whipped my very wonderful polaroids off and into the undergrowth. This became apparent many hours later, just as the sun was setting and darkness was falling. Drat! I really hate losing things...I don't really take it well (slight understatement) - and this wasn't the first time I'd done that daft trick, last time they turned up. I hope I'm lucky again but this is a more challenging thing...I even had them on a string that should have hung round my silly neck! I hereby promise to mend my silly ways if I find them, and even if I don't. So we know what we're doing tomorrow morning!!

Anyhow, we are having broth for tea again, and lovely fresh bread that Keith baked whilst I was doing creative political work. My friends are not allowing people indoors, we haven't hugged for months and months, but we often walk and talk and enjoy each other's company. Today all four of us were waxing lyrical about the place we live, the fine paths we can walk on, the way the council have organised various well signposted paths, and encouraged outdoor activities on foot, on ski and on bikes. Covid might well be hanging about in the air we breathe, but hopefully the basic health of the population is pretty good.

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