Adam's Images

By ajt

Bubbles frozen in time

Today's monochromatic back blip is pretty obvious to guess I think.

Work has been interesting this week, I've been kept busy doing new stuff. Sadly it will mostly be finished soon, but it's been interesting while it's been happening.

I've also been having fun translating subtitles. I can download French TV programs (legally) with youtube-dl and get the subtitles as a separate file. You can pass the subtitles file through Google translate and get a version in American. Using a proper tool, I can load the MP4 up and the two subtitle files, and then remove the Americanisms, some of the glaringly bad mistranslations, and the result is a MP4 with a passable English subtitle file. We then watch one episode of Cherif after dinner, with a certain degree of giggling about the still wonky translations.

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