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Daylight, where art thou?

Not really continuing in Elizabethan vein for this post, but it's just struck me that neither of my outings today can really be said to have taken place in daylight. I'm not long in from the now very familiar walk down the hill from the church - it must be just over half a mile, I reckon - in the darkness and the drizzle, after a short rehearsal with Himself (he drove) for Sunday's bit of cantoring (which auto-correct doesn't like). I thought of blipping a photo I took from outside the church, with the stained glass windows glowing in the gloaming, but settled instead for the other end of the day.

So this is our local supermarket at 7.30am. It's raining, and still quite chilly after the night. The sky is barely light, and the car park gleams wetly. It's actually better today in that people seem not to have turned out quite as enthusiastically as when it's dry and sunny at this crazy hour, so apart from the minions stacking shelves and others packing bags for Click and Collect or home delivery there are few obstacles to overcome. The fresh coriander is not yet out, and I lack the will to seek someone to get me some; the stuff we have will do for tonight's curry. I buy a new kind of yogurt just to try it - I don't usually do flavours, so we'll see - and a bag of coffee beans because I've got used to grinding my own recently. I reach the check out convinced I've forgotten something because it all seems too easy. 

I've spent the rest of the day doing Italian and spending money online. I've just ordered a second mask from VistaPrint because the one I bought last week turns out to be quite the most bearable I've tried. I fell asleep after lunch, like a really old lady. I had a lovely phone call with my #1 son - it's always a worry when they're working from home and I want to phone, but it was fine. 

We've just had the inter-zonal travel restrictions spelled out for us, and now I see from the BBC update that the UK government has asked the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency to assess the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Fingers crossed for approval! Meanwhile the comforting Friday routine of curry cooked by J and perhaps a wee sherry while I wait is falling into place around me and another day has slid past into the gloom... 

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