It's been a Southerly day today and The Boss had a good book "The Dry"  (Jane Harper) which was holding him in so it was after lunch when they The Bossess The Boss and ME set out to research a roll up thingie for jigsaw puzzles as a means of "saving" the work. We got one but it needs ironing so as The Boss is banned from THAT ( story not repeatable) The Bossess will have to render it wrinkle free later.
On the way out todays pic presented itself. The building is a backpackers place and is certainly easy to find and the sky was just having a great moment. Its now just a flay grey sky but not raining which is good as we are going to a Classical piano concert later and will have to walk the 15 minutes to the centre. We have 5 theatres within 20 minutes stagger here in Wellington.
I am not really into Classical piano so will stay and guard the jigsaw meanwhile.

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