By Viewpoint

Early Risers

You have to be early to grab your spot before the more aggressive Mistle Thrush arrives!

I took this first thing in the morning and now I’m posting it almost 22 hours later - what happened to yesterday!

A walk to the post-box.
The clearance of some strands from the creeper on the front of the house that has been tapping on my window.
A long Zoom meeting for the RPS Contemporary North Group - too long and we talked about how we might shorten it, but maybe have a meeting once a month rather than once very two months.

Does anyone else find Zoom impossible when there is a particularly strident speaking voice in the group?  I know it defaults to the loudest voice - so needs proper chairing but our Tai Chi sessions can echo and our tutor doesn’t have a strident voice - he does have a studio space that echoes though!  (I have speakers I plug in, which helps a bit,)

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