Every Little Step

By moonfairy

10 Years.

It's hard to believe it's been 10 Years since Christian died.  Where have those years gone?

And all though it's our saddest day of the year, these two little monkeys, managed to make us smile.

Alexandra brought some balloons along.  10 white ones, for the years Christian's been gone.  And 2 pink ones to represent the nieces, he never got to meet.

The girls were so excited to let them go, to fly up to Uncle Christian.

We often say how much he's missed. Alexandra's wedding, and the girls being born. But how much have we missed of him.

We'll never know what he might have achieved.  He never got the chance to travel.  Get married and have a family.

I miss him every day, especially his wicked sense of humour.

Life moves on, so they say.  But for some of us, it feels like we are just marking time.

I love you Christian with all my heart xxxxx

The extra, is of the beautiful basket of flowers my sister sent me.

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