By suehutton

The Walker

A gloriously sunny morning took Len, Basil and me down to Oakley Road at the northwestern end of Shepshed. Carol had told me about an abandoned farmhouse at the end of the track which apparently had been lived in up until a couple of months ago, and I'm nosey.

The weather was wonderful, just right for an Autumn walk. Leaves remain only on the oak trees and they look desiccated. A haze hung in the atmosphere to the south.

We reached the farmhouse. Naturally, I wanted to take photos. It was when I poked the lens through the hole in the kitchen window that the alarm went off. Len ran. I too, thought it prudent to leave, but the cavalry did not appear over the hill and I'm tempted to think the alarm is intended to put off intruders rather than raise a police alarm.

A bridle path passes by the farm and a sign points over the field to the west where a stile marks a footpath. The gate was firmly closed, as was the gate to the yard which had a new lock on it.

Such a lovely morning. Myriads of sparrows were flying in and out of the bushes. I saw this lone walker following the track by the Grace Dieu Brook.

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