By heanku

Socialization winter

Completely according to the pandemic recommendations, we should not meet at home, so this gang had taken their food outside and had a picnic in the sun. They seemed to have a nice time, despite the biting northern wind. This is what we have to get used to, this is how spending time with others than our family will look like this winter, outdoors. The blackheaded gulls were sitting on the other side of the river waiting for the remains.
Extra: A heron made company with the gulls, but he was only allowed to stay on the bridge floor and not sit up on the railing. That is group bullying, not pandemic rules.

Due to health problems in the family, I will for a while in the future not have the energy or time to be as active as I would like here at Blip. I will visit you and hand out stars and hearts, but there will be fewer comments.
Note! We have not covid-19.

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