Weetwood Bridge

Another late start, but it's Saturday, so what the heck! My plans to work in the yard were soon abandoned, and MrM's good intentions to make headway in the hall dashed - neither of us could resist a walk in such lovely weather. So  we decided to follow a short section of St Cuthbert's Way over Weetwood Moor to Weetwood Bridge. It was to have been a circular walk returning along the road, which we had assumed would be very quiet as it had been during the first lockdown. But we were wrong - lockdown or no, it was as busy as ever. Suddenly it seemed a better idea to return the way we'd come, but taking a different path across the moor. It had been easy going on the way there with the strong, gusty wind at our backs, but something more of a challenge on the return journey fighting against it! A lovely afternoon!

Spotted some interesting patterns in a dispersing contrail (extra) as we climbed up the hill on the way back. 

Lockdown 2, day 17

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