"No Motorbikes on this Fell", Really??

Forecast dry in the morning and Mr P chomping at the bit to do another Wainwright Outlying Fell. On the way in the car  I checked the weather forecast- thick cloud cover all day and very windy. Suggested it was not the best day for walking around for hours on a bleak fell.  Plan B was Burney:- an uninspiring peak just 1km uphill from the road with an unattractive concrete trig point. View was dull on a dull day and view photos wrecked by the ISO having shifted itself.  The Blip is us descending the east side of Burney down to a footpath and observing tracks made by motorbikes who, it seems,  ride up and down between Burney and Combs in the distance, despite the sign at the foot of the hill that says No Motorbikes on this Fell.  Picnic in the car sheltering from the biting wind. 

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