Mono Monday - Water

Sun shining this morning, and temperature wasn't bad. So after breakfast did my 3 mile hike around the estate. And very pleasant it was too. Had a socially distanced chat with a couple of the neighbours down the road on my return.

After lunch drove along to Fremington, took the little road that goes down to the Quay, but parked at the top end. Glad I did, as there was a very steady stream of traffic coming up from there, must have been having lunch at the Cafe.  It was nice just to take a short stroll along the side of the Pill. The high  tide had passed.  Saw an egret (in Extras) and a bit further saw the reflections of the trees. So that is today's offering. and thank you to Random_angel for hosting.

Thank you all so much for the stars and hearts for yesterdays blip which has been taken to the dizzy heights of page 1 on the popular pages. I am so glad you liked it  :-) x

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