By Viewpoint

Just playing!

I was playing with the creative settings on my OM5 camera which I've never done before and then for some reason got into a loupe wIth some setting I couldn’t get out of - I shouldn’t try these things when I’m really tired, my brain just wasn’t working.  So in the end I had to leave it.  I did manage this image while I was experimenting which I rather like and as I haven’t got many others to choose from I decided this would be it.  (I’ve just put blood all over my keyboard as I managed to carve my finger with the bread knife this evening.). Well I fell asleep during Look North, so managed to summon up enough energy to join in the Positive Image `Autumn’ themed photo sharing until just after nine.  I’m not sure this is my favourite way of sharing images - we start to get image blind in the end.  I much prefer the Penistone CC focus where each person talks about one image: why they chose it, what they were trying to achieve when they took it and if they think they succeeded.  It is much fruitful in terms of discussion.

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