American Wigeon

Udale Bay 15:03

A circuitous route to Roy Bridge today. Hopes of Snow Buntings at the Cairngorm Mountain Railway Car were soon dashed with car park full notices and parking with shuttle bus at the lower car park - too much hassle, so we headed back to the Glenmore Cafe with hopes of Crested Tits on their feeders. Nice Apple Strudel, nice Red Squirrel, but no sign of any Crested Tits. Next stop Pefferside Park in Dingwall for the Ring-billed Gull - not today I'm afraid. Even scanning the rooftops of Dingwall Academy and Tescos failed to find it. Fortunately the day was saved from being a complete wipe out by finding the American Wigeon at Udale Bay. An RSPB hide in a layby at Jemimaville overlooking the bay provided some excellent birdwatching as the tide came in and the ducks and waders came closer and closer. eventually bringing in the American Wigeon which then fed on the saltmarsh relatively close by.

We returned via Dingwall where even our best wholemeal bread failed to attract the Ring-billed Gull. Head over to Longshanks blip for a picture of him feeding the gulls.

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