By LeeAnne

Far enough...

I think so!

It’s quite lovely having a lot of time and not very much to do. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to do something eventually but for the moment I’m quite content with my pottering and my walks.

I got on the bus to Waverley this morning and then walked to the west end and then back, down Dundas Street and had a blether with Avril in the sandwich shop she moved to a few years ago. Nice to see her again. Then on to Canonmills where I changed my mind and decided to go along to the posh soap in Stockbridge. After that I made my way down the Water of Leith walkway, along the shore and back onto the old railway path and home.

Now I’m going to add my haul to the stash of Christmas treats that are accumulating in my little unused office space then get in the shower and retire to the sofa for coffee and a film. Bliss.

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