My Names Not Susan!

By dotcomjohnny

Nikon F2s

I spent the morning photographing (cataloging) more of my Nikon collection and thought I'd share this one with you.

It's a 1975 Nikon F2S fitted with a MD-2 motor drive and a MB-1 (type2) battery pack. It's also kitted out with DS-1 (EE Aperture Control Unit), which is quite rare. The control unit allows for shutter priority on an otherwise totally manual camera. This F2 is also fitted with an MF-3 stop back, which stops the film from being rewound all the way back into the canister. The lens is 50mm f1.4 Nikkor, roughly of the same period.

The F2 is regarded by many as the best 35mm manual camera ever made (no batteries required), its certainly the last of the hand-made cameras. It must also qualify as one of the heaviest too, the above set up weighs in at just under 3kilos!

As always - thanks for dropping in.

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