By mollyblobs

Just wow!

Report deadlines are looming so I'm currently spending a lot of time at the computer. By about three o'clock I realised that, if I was going to get a walk in I needed to go soon. So a quick trip to Ferry Meadows, heading first to Lynch Lake where three Pintail have taken up residence with the usual gaggle of Wigeon, Shoveler and Gadwall. I managed to grab a few shots before the sun sank too low.

I felt in need of a brisk walk so did a large loop round some of the lakes, walking back along the river towards Ferry Bridge. As I was walking, the somewhat overcast sky began to acquire gorgeous orange and purple tones, before turning the most incredible and breathtaking fiery red. As I approached Ferry Bridge I spotted another photographer in the half light - it was my eldest son trying out his new mirrorless full-frame camera.I was amazed how small and light it was. I seriously think my next camera purchase will be mirrorless - very useful for those many occasions when I need to travel light!

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