Priaulx Library

Guess where I spent the morning?

When I was a young child we used to walk past here every day and I often asked my mum if we could go in. Her answer was always no. I can’t remember exactly why she said we couldn’t go in; possibly because they didn’t have Noddy books. But the more she said no, the more I wanted to visit.
Who’d have thought that in my 70s I’d spent hours in there!

The Georgian House was donated to the people of Guernsey by Osmond de Beauvoir Priaulx together with his vast collection of books. I believe be wanted to remain anonymous. So they named it the Priaulx Library. The full quote is...
I want nothing called after my name, and I will give nothing to those who already have much. .... If the money be not properly administered, better it had been thrown in the sea.

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