By amandoAlentejo

Whipping in the Wind

Woke up to rain and wind pounding against the house, grateful for every drop. It's doing it again now, at almost 10pm. 

I haven't left the Land, and only been outside to open the gate for Mike, who has managed to pay our car tax and get the car through its MOT equivalent.

I've made a Christmas cake and several more jars of marmalade with my super easy recipe - with ginger and whisky this time, and paler sugar, so it looks orange - tastes yum. It's warmed the house and made some good smells as well. And still a basket full of oranges on the counter, never mind on the trees.

- Mike having a good night's sleep for the first time in ages, and me too, as a result
- him getting the car seen to, thanks in part to the kindness of the bank manager, who used his own card to pay it in! 
- our kids and their humour, what would we do without them??

(On the other hand, and for the record, huge stress with Miguel, who is supposed to be picking our olives. 
And, Ermelinda's birthday meal cancelled, as suspected Covid at her work... should find out tomorrow.)

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