Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

An exceptional lens, reputedly, so much so that many Canon camera owners have used it via adapters on their cameras. As of very recently, there's a smaller, lighter, and fractionally better version available for Nikon's Z-mount (mirror-less) cameras, that means there are some bargains to be had secondhand, as those that reckon they need the latest and greatest rush to spend a fortune. This one barely looks to have been used.

As it weighs more than the camera and lens used to take this photo, I won't be cycling to work with it regularly. Other transport days and weekends, methinks.

Very suitable for "Wide-angled Wednesday" - from next year, perhaps, as there's still a bit over a month to go of this year's challenge of using this wee camera and 35mm lens for all of the 2020 Blips (anything goes for extras). 

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