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By HarlingDarling

Dark light

There's a line I remember from some book or other, (which book? no idea) about how the light bulb was so weak the room got darker when you switched it on. This is true of the Red Giant, as Keith calls it! , on it's matching red flex. But I love the dark loveliness of it, hanging low and in the way in our front room. I took pictures this morning before the dawn, but managed to miss off one of the nine points. Well it was dark! Anyhow, I love it!

The sunrise was alright as well! Haha. I was up around 7 and enjoyed 2 hours of being by myself and doing communicative things on the computer. One was sending a message to friends and family just to say hello, I'm thinking of you. We pay for an e-card service that allows us unlimited cards for a handful of dollars. It's really good, and it means I send more messages than I would otherwise. Jacqui Lawson is the artist who runs the service, I was tipped off by UK friends when the business was very limited, by the looks of things now, it's going great!

The "play of the day" was going for a long walk with Rose and Keith in the glorious sunshine, and once again getting overheated on the hillier bits. We bumped into Ruth and Mikael, and Marie and Anette - all in the same place! So we stood at a distance from each other and conversed for a few minutes. The relief on several faces was apparent, we really do need each other and are starved for human contact. We are planning to have a fire in the garden on Mid-Winter's day, 21st of December. Everyone standing there would be invited so I told them, we need things to look forward to and that's something to do outdoors, and there will be mulled wine a-plenty by that stage.

I treated myself to a Podcast this morning, an hour long conversation between the marvellous Brené Brown, and her guest Priya Parker who is a conflict resolution consultant. The focus was "Gatherings", as in any get together - meeting - service - ceremony - dinner party - family thing and so on. In particular how we gather at the moment in the midst of a set of restrictions, and over Zoom. I thought it was really interesting and gave several useful pointers to consider next time I'm organising a gathering. For example: Gatherings flourish when real thought goes into them, invisible structure is built in, and the host is generous and willing to try something new and meaningful. Intention, a sharp purpose is vital. Why are we gathering?

There is a little heap of food on the worktop waiting for my attention. Lemons, butter, sugar and eggs, and saffron. Any guesses? Many small glass jars too.... yes it's going to be special saffron flavoured lemon curd, to share with pals as well as to enjoy ourselves. I looked in my recipe log and can see it was a long time since I made the last batch. I keep track of preserves, wine and cordials just in case something works out wonderfully well, and I want to repeat it. I don't do the same with baking, which is probably silly, as that's where most experimenting takes place. 

It's crossed my mind that a knitting log would be of great help since I never use patterns (the old dyslexia/weir relationship to numbers thingy gets in the way too much). I have to work out sizing and number of stitches and so on, every time. Often it goes years between say, a particular sort of hat! Same goes for bookbinding, but to be honest I'm a do-er more than I'm a documentor/archivist. Although blip is a great diary, and I am collecting family histories in a vague and unorganised way... hey! this could be a bit of personal development happening! 

Writing this in front of the fire with a cup of tea, so cosy! Just got a look at the first little animation including my photographs. Nice! With music! And falling snowflakes! The picture quality isn't quite right but Sebastian is working on it, and I am relaxing and being very grown up about it all. Hey! More personal development - get out of here!! 

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