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By ajt

Before bed

Another feeble just before bed blip and still being back blipped. It's a tooth brush with some toothpaste on it. It's not a lot of toothpaste as I didn't want it to fall off and make a mess.

According to my former dental hygienists, you should brush your teeth regularly with a dry brush, no water and no toothpaste. If you add water or toothpaste it just lubricates the system and you don't actually clean anything away. Once you've done that you should repeat the process with some toothpaste on. The second brush doesn't really clean anything off (apparently there is very little evidence that toothpaste is good at cleaning anything) but it does distribute fluoride icons all over the place, and they make your teeth remineralise stronger than they would otherwise. Finally when you have finished you should NOT rise your mouth or you will wash all the fluoride away... just spit it all out.

The observant will note that this brush is reaching the end of its life, and will need replacing sooner than later.

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