By Bom

Misty Morning, Sunny Afternoon

It was a very cold and misty morning, so I popped outside to take a photo looking across the field behind my bungalow as I was not going to be able to get out due to having half my carpets fitted. They arrived just before 9 and left just before 3 to do 3 rooms (1 of which had no carpet or underlay due to a water leak). Normally I'd take a photo of 'fitters at work' but with Covid I had to keep in a separate room and stay well away. It's looking good so far. I noticed the sun was low when they left, so I took another photo to show the difference. 

Day 256 / Day 22 of Lockdown 2 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 498 to 57,031 (revised basis), with 17.555 new cases, 16,341 patients in hospital and 1,480 on ventilation. The ONS infection survey shows that 1 in 85 now have the virus in England, an improvement on the previous week. 99% of England has been placed in the two highest tiers post lockdown with 41.5% of the pop'n being in Tier 3 and 57% being in Tier 2. Liverpool and Warrington move down to Tier 2. Areas in Tier 3 are promised access to rapid-result tests and cash subsidies. The Mayor for Manchester is still complaining. The only areas in Tier 1 are the Isle of Wight, the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. The PM said that if we ease off now we risk a lockdown in the New Year. In response to a question, the CMO said 'Would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their elderly relatives? No I would not.'  AstraZeneca is to run an extra trial of the Oxford vaccine in response to the better result in a subset of the main trial who were accidentally given only a half dose in the first injection. This subset was only 2,741 people and none were over 55, raising concerns that age skewed the results. 

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