Something to do with water ....?

Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday theme today is:-

“ 'water' leaving you with endless possibilities of making an abstract which has something to do with water”

Well I did make an effort. We did the goat walk (none around), and then went down to the beachfront.

Hoped to find a ‘water abstract’. I was also desperate to find a clean white background to take a photograph* for Mr B‘s citizenship application.

*The image has to be shadow free, not as easy as it sounds. I wasn’t going to go to risk a Photo Booth or shop to have it done! Finally after taking about 20 photos, found a plain white wall down by the pier, and the light was perfect. Have now uploaded the photos to an on-line photo shop to print.

Hunted for water. Then spotted these tyre tracks on the beachfront road (where you can park). Decided this had to be today’s blip. And it was just metres from the sea!

I have inverted the colours, the original is an extra.

Today uploaded all the documents for the Citizenship appointment booked for end December. Having paid around £1300 for the initial application, was annoyed the appointment costs an additional £69 to do it here (if we went to Croydon it would be free).

Late again. Going to bed. Nite xxx

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