Another Machine

Went to market in town, saw this on the way, across from the (voluntary) fire station, and thought it showed what a rural town Mourão is; there are often tractors or other machinery parked outside people's homes. Interesting that this one is a Lamborghini; apparently, Ferruccio Lamborghini made tractors for fifteen years before he opened his luxury car factory in 1963.

This road used to be the main road into Mourão. In the afternoon, we went to another part of it for a walk, and realized again how cut off the town has been since the Lake and the new bridge - formerly, you would have seen the castle towering over you for a long way before arriving, and then would have to drive through the middle of town on your way to or from Spain; now you could literally drive by without noticing it.

- our support group, record numbers today, and worthwhile conversation
- enough sunshine to charge our run down batteries, and get a wash dry
- picking enough asparagus for a delicious supper

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