By Bluestlightblue

The best part of the day

The later part of this week has been a car crash (literally!) Paul had a fall yesterday while running and it doesn't look good he can't raise his arm I was out with Owen when it happened but I took one look at him and said you should go to A and E he is being stubborn and says he wants to see how it goes. I understand that I'm also stubborn so we will see how it works out. I went back to the orthopedic for nerve testing, half were normal half are abnormal, apart from definitely ending carpal tunnel surgery the rest is still a mystery and a picture that doesn't fit together so back for more testing in 6 months ago to see if the abnormality has progressed. Another frustrating chapter in trying to find out what is wrong with me. This morning I crashed into a hedge on my way to work from nursery as car sped the other way round a tight bend. Prolific shaking on my part ensued so I decided it was better to take annual leave for the day to recover. But this really was the best part of the day I put Owen's pillow and duvet in his cot ready for the transition to cot bed next month and he absolutely loved it can't wait to cuddle up and read stories at bed time.

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