Last night, a rather lovely thing happened. 

Our village is quite well known for its zealous Christmas lights during the festive season but this year, nobody could go to the grand switch-on ceremony yesterday afternoon.  Nevertheless, someone on our estate suggested that we all put something up at our windows and balconies, however small, and coordinate the same switch-on time, 4.30pm.  We had planned for ours to be going up next weekend (still early for us!) but Rich duly disappeared into the loft. We faffed around fixing ours up and set an alarm for 4.25.  

Sure enough, right on cue - ping, ping, ping!  
Houses all around us lit up.  

Even though it was raining, lots of us headed outside to admire the efforts people had gone to - some, to quite extraordinary lengths.  It was actually probably even prettier in the rain with the twinkling off the floor and windows.  Only snow could have beaten that.

Here's today's festive tree.

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