Two steps forward...

By stevvi

Egret... again!

Having got bed at about 11pm I was up at 5am, which is a decent night’s sleep for me at present. I went to Thorpe Bay at about 6.45am in case there was a sunrise. There wasn’t. Like yesterday the thin haze just got gradually brighter and dark grey turned to lighter grey to expose a monochrome world. It was rubbish for photography but I really enjoyed having a walk and watching the calm water creep in across the mud. At about 8am, having taken some very flat photos, I drove along the seafront and headed for home. On passing a man-made tidal pool that I’ve blipped often before I noticed an egret hanging around so pulled the car over and enjoyed another wonderful hour on the beach, snapping away to my heart’s content.

I like both the shots here but I think the main has that little something that the extra lacks… probably the raised foot and that reflection. It could be one for camera club :)

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