Each Advent Sunday Brings A Message

Today's message for Advent is 'Hope' .  2020 is bleak and at times ugly but  hope lives.   The  kindness of ordinary people is strong in Berlin . One can only have coffee to go . Unable to stand I take & sit on a concrete bollard .Joined by the usual feathered wonders we do make a curious group.Drivers wave , bus drivers too.It's communication & rather lovely .Today a car window was opened and a lady wanted to give me 10 Euro. Maybe the birds  & I created  a Streets of London ( Berlin ) scene Possibly to see a lady sitting with birds may seem strange , more so in a country where family is paramount on such  days..
I thanked her for asking but assured her all was well and we wished each other Happy Advent . The birds feathers are looking good but my hair cut is due . Maybe I look wilder than they do :)
A Pre Advent party For Birds

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