Tiny .......

 ......... Tuesday288  (TT288)  -  with thanks to carol_dunham for hosting this month.

Whisper was a tiny (!!) bit annoyed, the cat was a tiny bit scared, I was a tiny (!!!) bit shouty, the outcome was a a lot more than a tiny bit of relief.

Opened the back door for him to ''survey his property'' early this morning and whoooooosh, he thundered across the grass, I heard a loud squeal and a cat shot across the back, Whisper in hot pursuit and then said cat scrambled up the tree - Whisper tried hard but he's not designed for tree-climbing, much to his annoyance.

Note the green, grass stain on on the cat's face - and the mud-stained Whisper-paws-and-legs in the extra.   He guarded the tree long enough for me to get my camera, trot across the cold, wet grass barefoot and take some puddy-tat photos as well as a couple of him tracking where this interloper had been earlier.

Cat's eyes ..........

You would think those felines would have learnt by now that Whisper is definitely not a cat-loving boy!!

Glorious sunshine after the grey and gloom of yesterday.

Smile for the Day:

If you ever feel cold just stand in a corner.
They are usually about 90 degrees!


~ Anni ~

Nikon D5300;  f/5.6;  1/1000;  ISO400;  300mm

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