Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2165. New backpack fabric!

Well the fabric arrived and I’m over the moon with’s perfect for making a backpack and will be waterproof too!
I spoke to the lady (Edil) who is going to make it up for me and I’m taking the fabric over to her shop tomorrow. The little backpack in my image is the one I saw available from the USA on Twitter and although I was a bit tempted the cost and the import duty put me off a bit because it was so expensive! Getting my own material printed has been so much cheaper and the fabrics are very similar as I used the little bag design as the basis for my design. I made up the design in Photoshop and then just uploaded it to the web site where I ordered the fabric...and I only had to order the exact size I needed so no waste at all.

Hopefully she won’t take too long to make it so when I collect it I will blip it too!

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