Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Lights on before heading home.

Extra - this morning at Inverness Campus, and the foreground reedbed was cutback a fair amount yesterday. Mute Swans attempting to take off to the upper lochan. The two adults and one youngster cleared the barrier, the other three realised they weren't going to make it, and stopped in time.

Noticed the Moon rising to the East whilst cycling home over the Kessock Bridge. It was a beautiful orange shade, with a matching shaft of reflected light on the surface of the Inner Moray Firth. Fingers were a tad numb from the cold and falling temperatures, so I didn't stop. Will need the full Winter gloves tomorrow, as the temperature's supposed to peak at two degrees Celsius, and drop below zero as soon as the Sun sets.

It's been a good run, but cycling days will be fewer for a while, and it'll be risking the (coronavirus) dangers of Public transport. Hope there's enough space on the buses.

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