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Abstract ............

 .........Thursday284  (AT284)  -  faithfully hosted by Ingeborg (thank you) and it's a "free challenge" week.

All I think when I look at this is  " cowabunga "  ......... (teenage ninja mutant turtles) .......... I was surprised when I looked up the origin of this word and it seems it originated in the programme Howdy Doody (1947-60) and was then "appropriated " by the surfing community before it was reborn yet again.    
You learn something every day, it seems.  :o)

Smile for the Day:

Q.   What is copper nitrate?
A.   Overtime rate for policemen!

Boom boom!   (I never promised these jokes would be good!!)


~ Anni ~

My "ninja turtle" started life as a leaf from my fatsia japonica in the wet garden this morning.

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