By mollyblobs

Murmuration across the border

Tomorrow Chris is 30 - normally this would be celebrated with a family meal and probably a party with friends, but this year everything is going to be much more low key. Today the two of us had a short visit to Deepings Lake NR, just over the border into Lincolnshire. From 2nd December this will be out of bounds for a while, as Lincolnshire is going into Tier 3, while Peterborough is in Tier 2.

We'd gone in search of owls - there's a roost of up to six Long Eared Owls, as well as resident Little and Barn Owls, and occasional Short-eared Owls on the river. But today they were all hiding from us. However, we enjoyed a lovely sunset over the Welland, saw Goosander and Goldeneye, and watched another Starling murmuration. It always makes me laugh when they tumble out of the sky into their reedbed roost - I think this is almost more exciting than the fantastic shapes they make beforehand.

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