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By andrewhiggins

10 years of blipfoto...

I renewed my membership of Blipfoto yesterday, having lapsed being paid up for a year or two. I felt a bit guilty about that, because this is now a volunteer run site, and I knew I had started posting years ago.
Having paid, I took a look at my stats, and was somewhat surprised to see I actually started here 10 years ago this year. Goodness how time flies!
So much has changed for me in 10 years (quelle surprise...) but photography has remained a constant, a camera in hand as natural as breathing.
I managed to 'blip' daily for 3-4 years, then the willpower faded, followed by a changing life which meant many things went by the way. So there was a long gap in my Blipfoto photodiary.
But Blipfoto has always been in mind, it was great fun to post regularly, and great for my photography too, keeping a look out for a blip, it really sharpened my eye.
So here's to a few more posts, maybe even for another 10 years...

Driving back from Hay on Wye today, I noticed the smooth cloud formations at sunset, so pulled over to get this landscape. Not a great pic, just pleasing...

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