... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Floris's Fuzzy Face

Even cuddlier in large

Mum and I did the weekly duck pen maintenance in the AM, so I stayed indoors from then on... Im and Floris to the rescue for an indoor pet indoor blip. Sunflower seed bribery was involved, but Floris was super-snoozy and got a fair amount of shut-eye even as Im held her.

A growing problem with avian flu means that DEFRA are imposing a poultry lockdown, and the duckules will have to be kept in their pen (rather than being allowed out, supervised, throughout the garden) from 14th December for however long that biosecurity measure is deemed sensible; we're making adjustments to their pen, and it is certainly much less difficult or concerning for us than many other bird keepers, but it seems sad that they'll be more constrained for a while.

Today's others are here (or right from Flashy feeding)

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