Early Morning Paper Run

Three times a week I purchase a daily paper - at one time I bought one every day - but  hubby said 'The news was depressing and doing me no good'.

I enjoy the early morning walk to the Newsagent/PO in the village a great time - I see very few people and if I do they are my neighbours  -buses passing by nearly empty, white vans, builders lorries and the local garage all are alive and starting their day.  Birds are singing, chattering in the trees and the weather is always an interesting experience - very cold and damp again this morning - and then it's back home to a nice hot coffee skim the headlines and later wake up hubby who is still cuddled up in bed not a morning person at all.   Life for me is for living and I try not to waste too much of it.  ......................  have a good day. 

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