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Not really ...........

 ............ silly on the face of it but I'm tagging it anyway - in memory of admirer who started SillySaturday way back.

This "table" was bought in 1996 when my Mum had a double hip replacement and stayed with us for a couple of months.
It was then re-purposed as a temporary laptop table for Himself for a couple of years.
Next usage was when Himself had a double heart bypass in 2016, then also after his cholecystectomy.   Again put to use after his stroke and subsequent endarterectomy ........... there's been more but I won't bore you.

Anyhoooooooo - after 24 years of living with us - it's back in service as a temporary bird table in the back garden!!!    Looks a bit silly but the birds don't care!!!

I do like a bit of upcycling so the black 'water bowls' you see were originally the tops of the garden lights we bought 20+ years ago but which have now ceased to work and will be replaced with solar lights when we get into Spring.

Smile for the Day:

Q.   What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common?
A.   The both have the same middle name!!

I know - awful!!


~ Anni ~

Backblipped on Monday 7 December 2020  -  thought I had already done it but, as my life is so full of fun (not) it must have been bypassed in the excitement!!

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