A moment in time

By Skyegirl

It has been such a beautiful day..... and can be a bit frustrating when I am isolating for another week after my operation, and can only gaze out longingly.  

Sat for quite a while this morning watching the wee birds going back and forth, back and forth, building up their energy I should imagine for a very cold night.  There was a heavy frost this morning, and with the sun it looked very inviting.

Still, I can't complain, I am healing well so far, and being well looked after, so many phone calls, texts etc. from people who care about me, I am very fortunate.  Had a shower and washed my hair this morning, and that always makes me feel good.  

Opened the advent gift this morning and we were delighted with another festive mask, so now we have one each when we can eventually head out again.

Have been watching a series on Netflix 'Virgin River' which is quite light weight, but is filmed for the most part in British Columbia, near Vancouver I believe, and has stunning scenery.  I am sure some of the scenes must be Fraser River, which I loved.

And have just taken this shot from my window of the setting sun...... such a spectacle.  Nature is so giving.......

Stay safe everyone......

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